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Terracotta Tiles restoration and Maintenance

Terracotta tiles are one of the most commonly used tile types in Australia. Millions of Australians enjoy the warmth and beauty of terracotta, both indoors and outdoors, very common type for balconies, pool surrounds, paving.

Terracotta is made from clay and has a reddish colour. The darkness of the red will vary with the percentage of clay used in the manufacturing process.

Commonly, the tile is glazed after baking which provides durability and keeps the original colour from fading. Depending on the amount of clay, the colours can vary in shades and include brown, darker red, grey and yellow. Naturally, terracotta is known to be very durable and reasonably water resistant.

Cleaning Terracotta Floor Tiles:
Cleaning terracotta required professional assistance and advice. At Tile Tech we have all the required products and equipment to treat, clean, restore and protect your terracotta surfaces both internally and externally.
Terracotta should never be cleaned at pressures exceeding 1100 psi and correct attachments must be used in order to avoid damaging the tile. Speciality cleaning solutions are applied in order to remove any staining if previously sealed then a different method is applied.

Sealing Terracotta Floor:
If you have decided to purchase and install raw terracotta tiles then contact us at Tile Tech Solutions to have your investment protected in time, before you commence the installation. Raw terracotta is very porous and will absorb stains as well as all types of grout residue if not protected prior. Same applies to tiles and pavers.

If your tiles are being installed around a pool then contact Tile Tech today to arrange sealing of the tiles with a special sealer which has been specially made to offer maximum protection in areas where chlorine exists.

If current terracotta sealer has worn off and showing signs of ageing then this sealer must be completely removed, any stains treated then sealed with at least two coats of penetrating sealer. After sealing, we will provide you with advice on how to maintain your newly protected surface.

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