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Terrazzo Cleaning and Maintenance

Terrazzo tiles are made from marble and other stone pieces embedded into cement. In most cases, the surface is polished and results in a high sheen finish. Pieces of marble are poured or sprinkled onto the surface of the mix which gives terrazzo a very attractive finish.

Terrazzo tiles are very hard wearing and can withstand a lot of traffic lasting decades, making it widely used in commercial flooring. It is also available in pavers and large scale slabs.

Cleaning Terrazzo Tiles:

Keeping them clean will prolong their finish and keep the natural beautiful look. They can be cleaned with neutral ph cleaning solutions after being vacuumed or swept. Terrazzo can also be dry or wet buffed which Tile Tech specialise in. Either of these processes will give the surface a high gloss shine, still keeping it nonslip. Being such a dependant flooring surface it will withstand buffing at really high speeds and easily accommodate high-pressure cleaning at 2500 psi.

Sealing Terrazzo Tiles:

Even though parts of terrazzo surface are not porous and might not need to be protected, the cement parts are very porous and will absorb all kind of stains on contact. Most of the terrazzo surface is covered in marble flakes (nonporous), however, the approximate 30-40% of cement sections are still visible and porous. Not having these surfaces sealed professionally will allow stains to penetrate into the cement which can result in permanent damage.

Tile Tech prides itself in protecting porous surfaces with quality penetrating sealers. Let us clean or restore your terrazzo tiles and grout then professionally protect them to ensure they stay clean and looking their best.

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