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Porcelain Tiles Cleaning and Maintenance

Porcelain is one of the most used tile types in today households. It is available in three finishes, natural, polished and glazed, semi glazed.

Porcelain is formed by heating raw materials which are usually clay. This is done in kilns where temperatures reach around 1400 degrees Celsius. These formations at such high temperatures are the cause of porcelain toughness. Not only is it very tough but also very durable and has a much lower water absorption rate than ceramic tiles.

Natural porcelain is the type that has not been polished or glazed and is extremely porous. It must be sealed before and after installation in order to avoid permanent staining.

Polished porcelain does have a finish on it but it is not glazed – same as the natural option and does not require sealing. Porcelain speciality stockist and some tile retails outlets do sell polished porcelain that has been sealed at the factory. This is usually done to assist in grout haze removal after grouting and installation have taken place, also offering a basic layer of protection against stains. You can choose to keep it in this condition or you can have it professionally sealed by Tile Tech for extra protection and peace of mind. Glazed porcelain tiles work in a similar way as glazed ceramic, but the actual tile itself is much stronger, more water and scratch resistant.

Cleaning Porcelain Tiles:
Porcelain tiles are quite easy to clean if correct procedures are undertaken. If the tiles are polished or glazed then Tile Tech recommends the use of a microfiber mop and a mild cleaning product. This will eliminate streaks and any ‘hairy’ residue on the surface. If the tiles are in natural state then they must be sealed with a penetrating sealer prior to use. If natural porcelain has been stained, please contact Tile Tech Solutions today.


porcelain tile tech solutions sydneySealing Porcelain Tiles:

Here at Tile Tech Solutions we have the highest quality sealers for all types of porcelain. Natural porcelain must be sealed not only after installation but also before in order to prevent grout haze damage. The sealer will act as a protective barrier. Once layered, Tile Tech will professionally clean the tiles and grouts then apply minimum two coats of sealer. Polished or glazed porcelain generally does not need to be sealed.

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