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Bluestone Tile & Grout Cleaning

Bluestone is also commonly known as basalt. Basalt is an igneous rock which is mainly made up of feldspar. It’s usually grey to black in colour and fine-grained, which is due to the rapid cooling of lava. The surface of bluestone tiles and pavers have small holes on them and this is caused naturally as a result of gases escaping during the cooling process – it is one of the beautiful features that sets bluestone apart.

Bluestone is commonly used on internal flooring as well as landscaping applications. One of its greatest features is the amazing slip and scratch resistance.

Cleaning Bluestone Floor:
Bluestone should be vacuumed and swept regularly to prevent dirt and dust build up, as if left for a prolonged period of time it can prove difficult to remove due to the tiny holes on the surface of this unique stone. Acidic cleaners should be avoided as they can etch the stone and cause permanent damage. Mild, soapy warm water is ideal for mopping bluestone or a neutral ph cleaner with a microfiber mop.

Pavers will require high-pressure cleaning from time to time to prevent build up of mould, moss and algae especially when used around lawns or garden beds. Pressure should never exceed 1000 psi.

Our cutting edge equipment and high-quality cleaning products are able to bring your bluestone back to the best possible condition regardless of its current state. Pressure, chemical application, correct agitation, the variety of attachments and rinsing all play an important role in having your bluestone cleaned and restored properly without causing any damage. Contact Tile Tech today for all your restoration and maintenance needs.

Sealing Bluestone Floor:

Bluestone comes in a variety of finished including honed, natural, split, polished and rock-face.

Whatever the finish is bluestone surfaces should be cleaned and then sealed with a quality penetrating sealer. This will, of course, provide extra time to wipe off any stains but also stop it from ageing and fading. The better the sealer – the more time you have to remove the stain off the surface before it turns permanent.

If the surface has been sealed before, Tile Tech will strip and clean the old, worn sealer and apply new coatings to protect your investment. We can also offer advice on how to maintain and look after your newly sealed surface so you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

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