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Tile & Grout Sealing

Sealers act as protective barriers between tiles, grout and the dirt that falls on them. It really is a protective coating that can not only achieve a longer life for your floors but also make them much easier to clean and maintain. Initial cost when sealing is higher compared to just cleaning, however it can save your tens of thousands of dollars in the long run with numerous benefits:  

  • Ultra-high protection with 2 coats in every single application.

  • Keep your grout cleaner.

  • Minimise or eliminate permanent damage, staining and mould

  • Protect internally and externally.

  • Longer life of your tiles up to 15 years of protection.

Tile Tech Solutions offers three type of sealers with distinguished characteristics to suit your house tiles.

1. Topical Sealers

Advantages :

  • Protect Tiles from Water and Oil-based Contaminations

  • Sit on Top of Tiles or Stone

  • Low Cost, Liquid-based Sealer

  • High Gloss Finish

  • Slip resistance

  • Barrier coating


  • Only have about 2 to 3 years maximum lifetime

2. Penetrating Sealers


  • Most commonly used sealer

  • Offer high protection from water and oil stain

  • Have a long lifetime - up to 15 years protection

  • Don’t change the appearance nor slip resistance of the sealed surface

  • Allow the natural stone to breathe

  • Reduce and eliminate the existence of mould, moss, and efflorescence

  • Extend the lifetime of tiles and stone

3. Solvent Sealers


  • Impregnating sealers with two coats and matte-finish.

  • High penetrating power which works well with low porosity stones.

  • Gives good protection against water and stains.

  • Suitable for pool surroundings.

  • Suitable for very heavy traffic areas and those exposed to heavy duty staining.

  • Have a long lifetime - up to 15 years protection.


  • Harder to apply.

  • Hard to strip.

  • Can cost more than water based sealers due to cost of product and additional labour.

  • Can have a negative reaction towards stones that contain factory applied resin.

  • Can permanently damage natural stone if it is not stripped prior to resealing.

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