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Silicone / Exp Joint Replacement

  1. Silicone Replacement

Silicone is commonly found in every wet area of every property. It’s commonly used along joints where tiled walls and floors meet as well as on joints where kitchen and bathroom vanity/benchtops meet the wall surface.

Tile Tech Solutions undergo a careful step by step process when replacing silicone joints:

  • All silicone areas are inspected for damage

  • Damaged / peeled silicone is removed using special tools and equipment

  • Joints are thoroughly cleaned using a special solution then dried

  • New silicone is installed and smoothed out to a professional finish

  • Different areas will require different joint widths of silicone, these can range from 4 to 12 mm

  • All silicone residue is removed before it starts to cure then allowed to dry

We carry a wide selection of colours to suit all applications and match a variety of grouts and tiles. All our silicones are sanitised and of high quality.

  1. Expansion Joint Replacement

Expansion joints are commonly found on hard floors, both concreted and tiled, such as in swimming pools, balconies, garage floors, driveways and patios. They play an important part in preventing cracking of the hard surface due to structural movement.

EXP Joint Replacement involves these vital processes to ensure you the best replacement result:

  • Removing the old damaged expansion joint and backing rod

  • Cleaning the joint as well as the internal side of the concrete or tile

  • Installation of new backing rod

  • Installation of new expansion joint

  • Smoothing out of the joint and removal of any residue

Tile Tech Solutions only use polyurethane based joint sealants which come in a variety of colours to suit all hard surfaces and blend in with the surrounds.

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