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Tile Regrouting Services 

Regrouting involves removing the old grout line between the tiles, cleaning and joints and installing fresh grout.

Regrouting has been in our family for well over 20 years. During this time we have regrouted thousands of sq meters of all different types of grout ranging from joints as small as 1.5mm to over 20mm including basic grouts such as sand and cement, cement coloured, and a wide range of epoxy grouts

balcony regrouting service sydney - before photo	Before
Balcony Regrouting Service - After Photo After
balcony tile regrouting service sydney - before photo	Before
Balcony Tile Regrouting Service - After Photo After
kitchen floor regrouting service sydney - before photo	Before
Kitchen Floor Regrouting Service - After Photo After
kitchen splashback regrouting service - before photo	Before
Kitchen Splashback Regrouting Service - After Photo After
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Marble Tiles Regrouting - After Photo After
travertine regrouting service sydney - before photo	Before
Travertine Regrouting Service - After Photo After
shower tile regrouting service - before photo	Before
Shower Tile Regrouting Sydney - After Photo After
wall shower tile regrouting service - before photo	Before
Wall Shower Tile Regrouting - After Photo After

Free on-site inspections and quotes 

Grout joints can crack, split, crumble and wear off over time. Once grout joints are damaged or missing, variety of problems can occur including:

  • Leaking showers
  • Leaking Balconies
  • Drummy Tiles
  • Efflorescence deposits
  • Waterproofing membrane damage
  • Lose or Lifted
  • Heavy dirt deposits in the missing joints

It is very important to have the areas inspected as soon as grout damage starts to appear regardless of how little of an area is affected. A few hairline fractures on the grout might not seem like a big issue, however in a shower or a balcony this could lead to serious costly damage and cause a leakage below. Our technicians offer free inspections of your areas and if repairs are required, free quotes are available following an inspection.

Regrouting is not a DIY task. It is time-consuming and requires an extreme eye for detail and precision combined with correct machinery and dust control equipment. Old grout has to be removed to a required depth, the joints have to be carefully cleaned before new grout can be installed. Different types of grout will require different depths, this can also vary with the width of the joint. Not all grout types are suitable for all joints. Tile Tech Solutions carry a wide range of grouts to suit different applications, including wide joint grouts, flexible grouts, speciality grouts with efflorescence blockers, epoxy grouts for both domestic and commercial applications. Preparation is one of the most crucial parts of the entire process and plays an important role in the end result.

Old grout can not be removed manually in order to obtain a professional long lasting result. Manual removal tools can not remove enough grout in order to fit enough new grout in. We do not recommend or use them.

At Tile Tech Solutions, we carry a wide range of high-quality diamond blades in different shapes and sizes in order to achieve premium results. Our blades and machines are capable of removing grout in very hard to reach areas and at different depths. We are also equipped with highly powered vacuum cleaners that not only help control dust during the grout removal process but also leave the site in a clean condition upon completion.

We never ever Skim Coat Grout, which is installing new grout on top of the old one. Please ensure when obtaining quotes from other companies that they are not using this method, in our experience, we have come across a lot that do. This is a very quick, cheap and short lived method. If this method is applied, new grout can crack as soon as 4 weeks after installation.

Common reasons that lead to regrouting:

  • Leaking showers
  • Cracked grout lines
  • Leaking balcony floors
  • Missing grout lines
  • Permanently stained grout lines
  • Efflorescence deposits
  • Choice to change the colour of grout
  • Crumbling grout lines

Common areas which required regrouting:

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Floors in common areas
  • Kitchen splashback tiles
  • Balconies and garage floors
  • Pavers and patio areas
  • Pool surroundings
  • All wall areas internal and external

Trust Tile Tech Solutions to have a professional long lasting solution to your grout problems. We only stock the highest quality grouts that come in a wide range of colours manufactured by world leading companies. All our technicians are fully trained and carry years of experience to ensure all your expectations are exceeded.

So if you have any problems for regrouting, don’t hesitate to Contact Us now to schedule an appointment or call 1300 304 004 or use our online enquiry form to get a free quote. We Cover All Suburbs.