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Pool Surrounds Re-Grouting

Majority of swimming pools are surrounded by pavers, tiles and/or natural stone to enhance the beauty of the swimming pool itself. However, over time grout joints in between can fail, due to few common causes, including:

  • Wear and Tear due to traffic as well as use of chlorine around the pool
  • Excessive movement in pavers or tiles causing grout cracking
  • Failure of expansion joints allowing water to enter under tiles causing efflorescence build-up

At Tile Tech Solutions we carry a wide range of professional equipment allowing us to replace grout joints from as little as 1.5mm to a wide 20mm without causing any damage to tiles or pavers. We use special attachments to remove grout from pool coping. All our machinery is connected to powerful vacuum systems to minimise the amount of dust entering your pool.

Once all required grout is removed, we individually clean all joints to remove any residual substance.

Following preparation for grouting, we offer a range of grout colours which you can choose from to best suit your taste. Not all grouts are suitable for all applications, hence we carry a wide range of grout types to best suit your situation including, wide joint grouts, additives to minimise or prevent efflorescence, grout sealers to prevent staining as well as epoxy grouts if you prefer the best of the best.

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Free on-site inspections and quotes 

Pool Expansion joints

Expansion joints are required around pools to allow for movement of tiles and pavers without cracking the grout joints. They are commonly found at intervals of approximately 4 meters and all around the pool coping border. Over the years these joints can stain, rip, wear out and separate from the tile edge. As soon as they do, replacement is required in order to stop water entering under the tile surface which can cause efflorescence build up and eventually drumming or falling off tiles.

We offer a complete service of an expansion joint replacement. Process involves:

  • Removal of existing expansion joint
  • Cleaning of residue along internal tile edge
  • Installation of a suitable backing rod
  • Installation of high-quality polyurethane expansion joint compound available in a variety of colours

Once installed, all our joints are smoothed out to a professional finish. Smoothing out of joints prevents dirt being caught in them which can cause them to fail quicker.

Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing of pool surrounds

Regardless of how clean and clear your pool is, if pool surrounds are stained or dirty, the overall image isn’t that great. Having your tiled or paved pool areas cleaned by Tile Tech Solutions can really bring back the WOW factor and bring your pool area back to life.

We use specialised equipment and chemicals to remove heavy build-up including common stains, efflorescence, leaf stains, pot stains and much more. Once the area has been professionally cleaned, we strongly recommend having all porous types of tile or pavers sealed with a long life high-quality solvent sealer. It is important to seal pool surrounds with a solvent based sealer as chlorine used in pools can reduce the life of water based sealers quite quickly. We always apply 2 coats of sealer to offer the maximum protection possible for both tiles and grout.

Trust Tile Tech Solutions to have a professional answer for all your pool surround needs every time whether it’s as simple as replacing a few grout joints or rejuvenating the entire area.