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Maintaining your freshly cleaned and/or sealed tiles and grout is very important. Not only does regular maintenance keep your new areas looking great but also extends the life of tiles, grout, and sealers. We provide three types of maintenance for all your tiles’ needs:

  1. Sealed Surfaces

  • Sealers provide a temporary barrier between the stain and tile/grout surface.

  • Spillage-friendly as it is easy to wiped before causing a permanent stain.

  1. Internal Areas

  • All hard surfaces in internal areas require regular vacuuming and mopping at least once a week.

  • Use correct cleaning products to keep the lifespan of the sealer, natural stone and grout.

  1. External Areas

  • External areas such as balconies and pool areas should be swept or blown off with a garden blower at least once a week.

  • No acidic products should be used on sensitive tiles such as natural stone as etching can occur resulting in permanent damage.

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