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Hot water high-pressure cleaning offers heavy duty pressure cleaning at very high temperatures without the need of chemicals in most cases. Larger areas can be cleaned in less time as hot water breaks dirt much quicker than cold water.

It is ideal for very greasy, sticky and oily situations where the grease has to be dissolved together with being pressure washed. This method can also be applied in high-pressure cleaning situations where chemicals can’t be used. It’s an environmentally friendly option that is available in both domestic and commercial applications.  

Benefits of Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaning:

  • Better Cleaning Results
  • Minimal or no use of chemicals
  • Shorter Drying time
  • Improved hygiene
  • Shorter Working Time

Areas of application:

  • Grease removal
  • Oil stain removal
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Areas where chemicals used must be minimal or non-existent
  • Large commercial areas such as carparks

hot water high pressure tile cleaning sydney - before photo	Before
Hot Water High Pressure Tile Cleaning - After Photo After
hot water tile cleaning sydney - before photo	Before
Hot Water Tile Cleaning - After Photo After
pool hot water tile cleaning sydney
wall hot water tile cleaning sydney
hot water house tile cleaning sydney
hot water sandstone tile cleaning sydney

Tile Tech Solutions carry heavy duty custom built systems that are capable of producing hot water of up to 90 degrees at pressures of over 4000 psi. All we require is a cold tap connection on site in order to achieve amazing results time after time.

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