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Hot Water High Pressure

Hot water high-pressure cleaning offers heavy duty pressure cleaning at very high temperatures without the need of chemicals, so it makes the process environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaning by Tile Tech Solutions:

  • Better cleaning results

  • Minimal or no use of chemicals

  • Shorter drying time

  • Improved hygiene

  • Cover a larger areas with a shorter working time

  • Heavy duty custom built systems that are capable of producing hot water of up to 90 degrees at pressures of over 4000 psi. All we require is a cold tap connection on site in order to achieve amazing results time after time.

Areas of application:

  • Grease removal

  • Oil stain removal

  • Chewing gum removal

  • Areas where chemicals used must be minimal or non-existent

  • Large commercial areas, such as car parks

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