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Efflorescence Removal Services 

Efflorescence is the formation of crystallised salt deposits on the grout and/or tile surface. In most cases, efflorescence will start forming along the edge of the grout joint and build up from there. If left untreated for too long it can start depositing on the tile surface and cause permanent damage to both grout and tiles.

It is caused by multiple of factors acting together and in most cases catalysed by environmental conditions. It’s the migration of soluble salts from the grout to the surface. When these come in contact with the air they react with carbon dioxide and form a white salt.

Cracked or damaged grout can greatly increase the built up of efflorescence. When grout joints have cracks on them, water enters below, when the water tries to escape back up through the grout joints efflorescence is formed. The longer this remains untreated, the more salt will build up.

If detected in very early stages, removal can be simplified and return minimised. As soon as thin white lines start to appear along the edges of grout joints – this is a sign of efflorescence starting.

If left untreated, removal and treatment can become complex and it isn’t a DIY task. Specialised solutions and treatments have to be applied in a step by step process. In most cases with heavy built up, regrouting will have to occur.

We undertake the following steps: 

  1. Inspection of all affected areas
  2. Scrub or grind off large deposits
  3. Pre-treat and agitate all affected areas with suitable solutions
  4. Allow time for the solution to work
  5. Pressure clean and extract
  6. Remove grout from all joints
  7. Installation of new high-quality matching grout with efflorescence blockers designed to minimise return

Tile Tech Solutions provide a variety of solutions for removal and treatment as well as specialised additives designed to minimise and in some cases eliminate the return of efflorescence.

Contact Tile Tech Solutions today for a free on-site inspection and quote and be assured we will deliver the most advanced efflorescence treatment available. 

stairs effloresence removal service sydney - before photo	Before
Stairs Effloresence Removal Service - After Photo After
stairs effloresence removal services sydney - before photo	Before
Stairs Effloresence Removal Services - After Photo After
tile effloresence removal service sydney - before photo	Before
Tile Effloresence Removal Service - After Photo After

Free on-site inspections and quotes 

Please note: Our unique and leading efflorescence treatments include specialised chemicals, materials and equipment. They are designed to treat, remove and minimise the return of efflorescence. Even though the return of efflorescence is unlikely, it can occur. 


Our equipment and products are the most advanced, however, no manufacturer of the products is able to completely guarantee efflorescence will never return. Please consider this when obtaining efflorescence treatment services.