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Are you sick of spending your weekends scrubbing to remove stains from your shower grout? Sit still, call Tile Tech Solutions to bulletproof your shower.

Bulletproof Your Shower

Thousands of dollars are spent every year by Australian families on shower cleaning products that promise magic results but never really deliver. A lot of time and elbow grease is spent trying to remove stains from cementitious and regular grouts. Most of the stains in the shower are caused by:

  • Mould

  • Fungi

  • Bacteria

  • Shampoos

  • Conditioners

  • Hair dyes

Tile Tech Solutions has taken regular shower re-grouting to a new level, using the king of grouts - epoxy grout. We have implemented epoxy grouts to showers through these steps:

  • We remove your old grout using specialised machinery to a required depth

  • We remove the old silicone and clean the silicone joints

  • We clean and vacuum the residue from the joints and prepare them for epoxy grouting

  • We make the epoxy mix on site to a colour of your choice (selection of colours is available)

  • We install the epoxy grout

  • We install new sanitised silicone on all movement joints

Remember: Epoxy re-grouting is not for everyone. It takes years of experience and knowledge to master epoxy grouting. It’s the most difficult grout to work with and there are no second chances due to its fast curing times and precision in mixing. We are Tile Tech Solutions have been installing epoxy grout for over a decade, and we provide all your epoxy grouting needs to achieve a professional finish and deliver years of satisfaction.

Benefits of Epoxy Re-Grouting your shower:

  • Stain Resistant – It is extremely difficult to stain epoxy grout with shampoos, conditioners, most hair dyes, wine and harsh cleaning chemicals.

  • Never need sealing – Unlike cement-based grouts, epoxy grout does not require sealing.

  • Chemical Resistant – Common household cleaning products like bleach won’t break it down or corrode it.

  • Inhibits growth of mould, bacteria and fungi – Being non-porous and waterproof, it is extremely difficult for mould, fungi and bacteria to stick to it.

  • Waterproof – Unlike cementitious grouts, epoxy grout is waterproof meaning it can stop water from going under your tiles, which reduces chances of efflorescence, leaking showers, drummy tiles.

  • Uniformed look and colour – Does not chip or shrink and has no colour variation eliminating the chances of discoloured grout.

  • Cleanable stains on the surface and more cost-efficient maintenance.

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