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Bulletproof Your Shower

Are you sick of spending your weekends scrubbing, bleaching and trying to remove stains from your shower grout and realising they never completely come off? Even when they do, they are back the following week... If so, then at Tile Tech Solutions, we have the Solution!

Thousands of dollars are spent every year by Australian families on shower cleaning products that promise magic results but never really deliver. A lot of time and elbow grease is spent trying to remove stains from cementitious and regular grouts. Most of the stains in the shower are caused by mould, fungi, bacteria, shampoos, conditioners and hair dyes.

The Problem:

Majority of showers are grouted using standard or cementitious grout. These types of grouts are porous meaning they will absorb stains. These grouts can be sealed, however, the sealer usually lasts around 2 years and improper or high acid cleaning can half the lifetime of these sealers. The tiny pores found in these grouts give mould, fungi and bacteria better chance to attach and start growing.

Cleaning the grout using bleach based products does not solve the problem completely. In most cases the products that do work only remove the surface mould. This gives the grout a fresher new appearance as the bleach component will remove the surface mould and lighten the colour of it. The actual root structure of the mould deep inside the grout joint is still present meaning it will only take a week or so for it to start coming back.

Overuse of bleach products can corrode the grout which will make it even more porous and this is what will worsen the mould and stain issue.

The Solution:

Epoxy Grout!

At Tile Tech Solutions we have taken regular shower re-grouting to a new level, using the king of grouts, epoxy grout! For years, epoxy grout has been used in commercial applications to provide an ultra hygienic, stain proof, chemical resistant surface. We have now taken the same idea and implemented it to showers.

What we do:

  • We remove your old grout using specialised machinery to a required depth
  • We remove the old silicone and clean the silicone joints
  • We vacuum all the residue and prepare the joints for epoxy grouting
  • We make the epoxy mix on site to a colour of your choice (selection of colours is available)
  • We epoxy grout the joints
  • We replace the silicone

Remember: Epoxy grouting is not for everyone. It takes years of experience and knowledge to master epoxy grouting. It is the most difficult grout to work with and with epoxy there are no second chances. Trust Tile Tech Solutions for all your epoxy grouting needs to achieve a professional result and years of satisfaction.

Benefits of Epoxy Re-Grouting your shower:

  • Stain Resistant – You will not be able to stain it with shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, wine, etc.
  • Never needs sealing – It never needs to be sealed nor protected in any way
  • Never needs professional cleaning – It does not require high-pressure extraction cleaning like regular grout does on a regular basis
  • Chemical Resistant – Bleach or bleach based products will not affect it nor corrode it
  • Inhibits growth of mould, fungi & bacteria – Being non-porous and waterproof it makes its extremely hard for mould, fungi and bacteria to grow
  • Waterproof – Will not allow water go underneath your tiles. Stops leaking showers!
  • Offers extreme hygiene standards – Virtually nothing sticks to it
  • Uniformed look and colour – Does not chip, shrink or crack. No shade variation

stop leaking shower tiles sydney - before photo	Before
Stop Leaking Shower Tiles - After Photo After
shower floor epoxy grout service sydney - before photo	Before
Shower Floor Epoxy Grout Service - After Photo After
shower wall tile regrouting service sydney - before photo	Before
Shower Wall Tile Regrouting Service - After Photo After
epoxy grout shower tiles sydney - before photo	Before
Epoxy Grout Shower Tiles - After Photo After

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