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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Tiles

Tile Tech Blog Article: Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Tiles

Spring is here, and it’s time to deep clean your house in preparation for warmer weather and end of year festivities. One of the most time consuming and difficult jobs of spring cleaning is dealing with the months of dirt and stains ingrained into the surface of your tiles. Grout lines in particular are notoriously difficult to clean, but they can leave your entire floor looking dirty if not dealt with properly. Tile Tech Solutions have been in the business of cleaning, protecting and maintaining tiles for over forty years. Our technicians are trained to identify and work with every type of tile and grout in the industry.

This month, we share some tips for effectively spring cleaning your tiles:

Know the characteristics of your tile type

Our first tip for spring cleaning your tiles is knowing what type of tiles you have installed in your home. Today, there is an abundance of choice when it comes to using tiles, from ceramic and porcelain to marble, bluestone and travertine. Each tile material has its own idiosyncrasies when it comes to porosity, durability and resistance to stains, and must be cleaned using different techniques and equipment. For example, limestone is a very porous stone and can be easily scratched, fractured and etched, while terrazzo tiles can withstand high pressure cleaning and buffing without being damaged. The use of correct chemical solutions, operating pressures, temperatures and cleaning methods play a very important part in the overall result of a tile clean. To learn more, see our two-part blog post on how to effectively clean tile floors

Sweep away any dirt or debris 

Our second tip is to begin your spring cleaning process by sweeping away any dirt or debris which has accumulated on the top of your tiles. This is an essential step whether you are cleaning indoor or outdoor tiles. Once the surface layer of dust and particles is removed, you will be able to see the condition of your tiles and determine what needs to be done to return them to their original conditions. Sweeping away debris will also reveal any damage to the tiles which may need to be fixed before it becomes a costly problem, such as mould, cracks or chips. To keep your tiles looking their best throughout the year, we suggest regularly sweeping or vacuuming your tiles free of dirt and debris. This will prevent dirt from penetrating the grout or tile surface and keep your tiles in better condition overall.

Use the correct tile cleaning products

Another important thing to remember when spring cleaning tiles is to use the correct cleaning products for your tile type. Many types of natural stone can easily be damaged by acidic cleaning solutions or scratched by cheap cleaning equipment. We recommend using a microfibre mop to clean tiles as it is less likely to scratch or leave a streaky residue, and using soapy water or mild cleaning solutions. The process of finding high quality cleaning equipment and solutions, as well as effectively deep cleaning your tiles, can be very time consuming and tiring. Grout joints are often more porous than the tile itself, meaning that they attract more dirt and absorb stains more deeply, and are more difficult to clean. Manual cleaning may not obtain the lasting professional results that you desire. At Tile Tech Solutions, we offer a professional deep clean of your tiles which achieves premium results every time. We carry the most advanced equipment, high-tech machinery and world-class tile cleaning products to suit every type of floor surface. To learn more, see our blog post on the benefits of professional tile and grout cleaning.

Consider having your tiles professionally sealed

Our final tip for effectively spring cleaning your tiles is to consider having them professionally sealed with a topical or penetrating sealer. Sealers act as a protective barrier between your tiles and dirt, stains or other damage. Once sealed, dirt, spills and other debris can be easily cleaned off the surface of the tiles without penetrating the surface or grout. High quality sealers like the ones used by Tile Tech Solutions will extend the life of your tiles, keep your tiles and grout cleaner, and minimise or eliminate permanent damage, staining and mould growth. Our sealers can offer up to 15 years of protection, and we always apply 2 coats to provide an ultra-high level of security for your tiles. You could also consider switching your tile grout to epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is extremely difficult to stain, repels most chemicals and acids, never needs sealing and does not shrink, chip or crack. With epoxy grout and sealed tiles, your next spring cleaning session could be an absolute breeze!

Tiles are one of the most expensive investments for your home. At Tile Tech Solutions, we aim to provide long-term solutions for all aspects of tile and natural stone care. We promise to deliver the best result possible for every single job, every single time. Our technicians can provide a wide range of tile maintenance services, from high pressure cleaning and anti slip tile treatments to efflorescence treatment and tile repair.

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