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Tile Regrouting: How to Bulletproof Your Shower

Tile Tech Blog Article: Tile Regrouting: How to Bulletproof Your Shower

Are you sick of spending your weekends trying to remove stains from your shower grout? No matter how long you spend scrubbing and bleaching, the stains never quite seem to go away, or are replaced by new stains the following week! Aussies spend far too much precious time, effort and money trying to remove stains from cementitious and regular grouts without success.

What if we told you there was an easier way to keep your shower grout clean and protected from stains for years to come? This month, the team at Tile Tech Solutions share how to bulletproof your shower against stained grout:

Why is shower grout so difficult to clean?

The majority of showers in Australia are grouted using standard or cementitious grouts. These types of grouts are very porous, meaning that they have low resistance to stains and the growth of mould. Most shower stains are caused by mould, fungi, shampoo, conditioner and hair dye, and once these have penetrated the grout surface the stains are nearly impossible to remove. Sealing cement based grouts is only a temporary solution, as sealers can last as little as two years in a moist, high traffic area like a shower before having to be replaced. This time frame can be even further reduced by the use of acidic cleaning products, which penetrate cement based grouts and make it easier for bacteria and mould to attach itself and grow.

Can you get effective results with bleach based cleaning products?

It is possible to achieve a temporarily effective result with a bleach based cleaning product. However, in most cases these products only remove the surface mould, or lighten the appearance of the surface mould to freshen up the grout. It is important to remember that mould grows within the grout joint and not just on its surface. After bleaching, the root structure of the mould remains deep within the joint of the grout, and can continue to grow. Furthermore, overuse of bleach can corrode the grout, making the surface even more porous and resulting in worse mould and staining issues. For a lasting, professional result you need to bulletproof your shower against stains, mould and bacteria.

What is the Bulletproof Your Shower service?

At Tile Tech Solutions, we have taken shower regrouting to a new level in our Bulletproof Your Shower service. Our difference is that we use epoxy grout– the king of grouts, which has been used for years in commercial applications to provide a hygienic surface resistant to stains, mould and bacteria. Epoxy grout is one of the most difficult grouts to work with, and requires installation by a trained professional due to its fast curing time and the need for precision when mixing.

Firstly, one of our technicians removes your old shower grout using specialised machinery to a required depth, before cleaning and vacuuming the silicone joints to prepare them for epoxy grouting. We mix the epoxy grout on site to a colour of your choice (a selection of colours are available to match your existing bathroom style), and then install the epoxy grout in your shower. Finally, we install new sanitised silicone on all movement joints and leave you to enjoy your clean, restored, stain-resistant shower.

What are the benefits of regrouting shower tiles with epoxy grout?

There are several benefits of regrouting your shower tiles with epoxy grout. Firstly, epoxy grout is stain and chemical resistant, meaning that it is extremely difficult to stain and will not be corroded or broken down by common household cleaning products such as bleach. Being non-porous and waterproof, epoxy grout inhibits the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi, and stops water from penetrating the surface of your shower tiles, reducing the chances of leaking showers, drummy tiles and efflorescence. This type of grout also does not chip or shrink, and has a uniform look and colour, eliminating the chances of discoloured grout. Finally, epoxy grout never requires sealing, making it a cost effective solution to protect your bathroom tiles.

For more information, see our blog post on Ten Reasons to Switch to Epoxy Grout.

How do you clean and maintain epoxy grout?

Using epoxy grout will ensure that your shower tiles are waterproof, stain free and mould resistant. However, your shower should still be included in your regular bathroom cleaning schedule. In the case of cementitious grouts, stains, soap scum, mould, fungi and bacteria can grow inside the silicone joints, permanently staining the grout and making them impossible to effectively clean. With epoxy grout, only the surface of the joint can be stained, making stains much easier to remove with regular cleaning. Maintenance of your shower tiles will become much easier and more cost effective as a result of switching to epoxy grout.

The team at Tile Tech Solutions have been installing epoxy grout for over a decade. You can trust us for all your epoxy grouting needs to achieve a professional finish and deliver years of satisfaction. Contact Us to schedule a free on-site inspection and quote, or call Tile Tech Solutions today on 1300 304 004.