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Ten Reasons to Switch to Epoxy Grout

Tile Tech Blog Article: Ten Reasons to Switch to Epoxy Grout

Initially only used in commercial and industrial applications, epoxy grout is now sought after in the domestic sector for everything from walls and flooring to bathrooms. Epoxy is the most bulletproof grout available, with a range of benefits which set it apart from cementitious grouts.

At Tile Tech Solutions, we only install the highest quality epoxy grouts for our domestic and commercial clients.  As commercial epoxy grout differs from domestic epoxy grout and is notoriously difficult to install, experienced technicians and specialised equipment is needed to ensure a professional result.

In our latest blog post, we give you 10 reasons to consider switching to epoxy grout:

 Stain Resistant

Epoxy grout is known for being extremely stain resistant. For this reason, epoxy grout is commonly used in bathrooms, showers, floors and kitchen splashbacks, as it is able to repel oil and other cooking stains, as well as wine, shampoo, conditioner, most hair dyes and harsh cleaning chemicals.

No Sealing Required

Epoxy grout does not require sealing, unlike cement-based grouts. This characteristic means that not only do you save money on having to seal your tiles, but also makes the grout easier to maintain. Depending on the product used and the amount of traffic in the space, sealers may have to be replaced every few years. In comparison, epoxy grout only requires installation and basic maintenance.

Resistant to Chemicals

Another reason to switch to epoxy grout is its resistance to chemicals and most acids. Common household cleaning products such as bleach can break down or corrode cementitious grouts, while epoxy grout has a greater polymer bond strength as a result of the mixing process. This means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning products staining or otherwise damaging your grout, and can enjoy your tiles for longer without having to regrout or replace them.

 Hard Wearing

Epoxy grout is very hard wearing, highly resistant to chemicals, stains, cracks, changes in climate and harsh weather conditions. This durability is why epoxy grout is so popular for both interior and exterior applications, and is suitable for use in high traffic areas of the home.

 Flexible Uses

Because of the durability and strength of epoxy grout, it is very flexible in terms of use. In commercial settings, epoxy grout is used in hospitals, restaurants, bathrooms, pubs, freezers and cafes to provide a hygienic and stain, mould and chemical resistant surface. At Tile Tech Solutions, we have achieved the same result with our Bulletproof your Shower service, which involves removing the old grout, cleaning and replacing the joints and installing the new epoxy grout of your choice.

 Shrink, Chip and Crack Proof

Unlike traditional grouts which have a tendency to weaken over time, epoxy grout does not crumble, shrink, chip or crack as it ages. This means that you will not need to incur the expense of regrouting as often as if you use cement-based products.

 Variety of Colours

Epoxy grout also comes in a variety of colour options. Grout colour has a significant impact on tile maintenance. For example, selecting a darker grout will hide stains but can be prone to fading, while a lighter grout shows stains more easily and can be difficult to keep clean. The difference between these grouts and epoxy grout is that the latter has no colour variation over time, eliminating the chance of discoloured or stained grout.


Because epoxy grout is made from a mixture of two different resins and a filler, it is a remarkably non-porous grout. This waterproofing quality means that epoxy grout prevents water from penetrating your tiles and discourages the growth of mould, fungi and bacteria. Switching to epoxy grout can therefore reduce the chance of efflorescence, leaking showers and drummy tiles in the future.

 Cost Effective

An increasing amount of people are taking advantage of the benefits of using epoxy grout in the home. Although epoxy grout is more expensive than cement-based grout, you will end up saving money in the long term without having to pay out for repairs, regrouting or regular cleaning to get rid of stains. We also only use the highest quality epoxy grout available to ensure the longevity and protection of your tiles, making this type of grout a cost effective solution to any grouting issues.

 Easy to Maintain

Finally, epoxy grout is easy to clean and maintain compared to other grouts. In the case of cement-based grouts, stains, mould, fungi and bacteria penetrate and grow inside of the joint, and might only be able to be permanently removed by regrouting. In contrast, epoxy grout can be included in regular household cleaning, as stains are only able to grow on the surface of the grout and can therefore easily be removed.

 The experienced team at Tile Tech Solutions are leaders in the installation of epoxy grout. All of our technicians have been trained by trusted epoxy grout manufacturers in the correct mixing and installation procedure. This particular grout requires more skill, speed and labour to install compared with other grouts on the market, and special cleaning solutions are also required to remove residue from the grouting process. Our technicians specialise in epoxy grouting and regrouting, so you can trust us to achieve a professional finish and deliver years of satisfaction every time.

If you are interested in switching to epoxy grout, contact Tile Tech Solutions today for a free on-site inspection and quote.