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How to Choose and Maintain Child Friendly Tile Floors

Tile Tech Blog Article: How to Choose and Maintain Child Friendly Tile Floors

At Tile Tech Solutions, we have been cleaning, repairing, restoring and maintaining tiles and natural stone for decades. We are a family-owned and operated tile cleaning business, and understand how important it is to you that your family is living in a safe, clean and hygienic home. 

When you have children, it is essential to choose flooring that is low maintenance, durable, resistant to stains and safe. Tile floors meet all these requirements, and can be made even more child friendly with our range of professional tile maintenance services.

Here are some tips on how to choose and maintain child friendly tile floors:

Choose tiles that are durable and stain resistant

If you are buying, building or renovating a family home, carefully consider your choice of flooring. A wide range of tiles and natural stone are used in Australian homes, all with different levels of porosity and durability. If you have children, flooring which is stain and scratch resistant, and can endure high traffic areas of the home like the kitchen, living area or bathroom is ideal. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have a high level of durability and resistance to stains, and are easy to clean by vacuuming or using a microfibre mop. Terracotta, travertine and granite tiles are also durable flooring options. Learn more in our blog post on how to effectively clean tile floors.

Seal tile floors for protection

To make your floors more child friendly, we suggest sealing tiles with a topical or penetrating sealer. Sealers act as a protective barrier between dirt, stains and your tiles. This will not only make your floors easier to clean, but can also extend the life of your floors for up to 15 years. The high quality sealers used by the team at Tile Tech Solutions will keep your tiles and grout clean, and minimise or eliminate permanent damage and staining.

Another advantage of sealing your tiles and grout is that it prevents mould or bacteria growing in the grout joints or beneath the tile surface, making your floors more hygienic and keeping your family healthy. 

Use epoxy grout for easy maintenance

Life as a parent is busy enough without having to constantly clean and maintain your tile floors. Grout in particular can be difficult to clean, as it tends to absorb dirt, debris and stains. One option is to switch your tile grout to epoxy grout, which is the most bulletproof grout available on the market today. Epoxy grout is extremely difficult to stain, repels most chemicals and acids, does not shrink or chip, and never requires sealing. If your kids love to play on your tiled floors, then epoxy grout is the best choice for stain resistance and easy maintenance for years to come.

Keep tile floors hygienic with a professional clean

Even when you choose hard wearing tiles and seal them against debris and stains, cleaning your tile floors manually can be a tiring and time-consuming business. If your grout has absorbed dirt too deeply or you just can’t seem to get a stubborn stain out of your floor tiles, contact the experts for a professional deep clean. Our tile and grout cleaning process, refined over decades of experience, is guaranteed to provide you with lasting results and a healthier, cleaner and safer home. To learn more, see our blog post on the benefits of professional tile and grout cleaning.

Invest in an anti-slip tile coating for safety

Slippery tiles are one of the biggest causes of injury in the home. One of the easiest ways to increase the slip resistance of your tile floors and prevent any accidents is to apply an anti-slip tile coating. We are an approved applicator of Microcote coatings, a solvent free, high quality urethane coating which can stick to virtually any surface including ceramic, glazed porcelain, and terrazzo tiles. Microcote is long lasting and hard wearing, and is certain to keep your tile floors safe and child friendly.

With the technicians at Tile Tech Solutions, you can relax knowing that we will care for your tile floors like they were our own. Our company is built on quality and customer satisfaction, and we have helped thousands of our Sydney clients to live in healthier, cleaner and safer homes.

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