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A Guide to Getting Your Tiled Areas Ready for Summer

Tile Tech Blog Article: A Guide to Getting Your Tiled Areas Ready for Summer

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to get your indoor and outdoor tiles ready for summer. The team at Tile Tech Solutions are experts in tile and grout restoration, with decades of experience in cleaning, sealing, repairing and restoring tiles of all shapes, sizes and materials. Tiles are one of the most striking, versatile and stylish features of your home, so it is important to identify any issues or minor damage before it becomes an expensive repair.

This month, we share a guide to getting your tiled areas ready for summer:

Floor Tiles

Your indoor floor tiles are the first area that visitors will notice upon entering your home. Dirty or stained tiles and grout will make your house appear neglected, no matter how many hours you spend cleaning before guests arrive! If you are planning to entertain family and friends at your place this summer, steam mop and vacuum your tiles regularly to remove surface dirt and minor stains. Keep in mind that if your floor tiles are not sealed, dirt and stains can easily penetrate the surface, making it impossible to keep your tiles looking like new.

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Bathroom Tiles

The chemicals that we use in the bathroom can be particularly hard on tiles and grout. Products such as shampoo, conditioner and hair dye can deeply stain bathroom tiles, while fungi and mould grow inside grout in the warm, wet atmosphere. This problem is compounded by bleach and acidic cleaning products, which eat into grout and can only lighten stains and remove mould temporarily. One solution is to ensure that you use appropriate cleaning products on your bathroom tiles, and try and clean up any spills before they stain. Another solution is to switch to epoxy grout for your bathroom, which repels most chemicals and acids and is extremely stain-resistant.

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Outdoor Tiles

In summer, Aussies love spending time in the backyard entertaining, relaxing and firing up the barbeque. Outdoor tiles are usually made from durable materials to withstand a range of weather conditions, but should still be checked for any damage to ensure the safety of your family and guests. One common issue that outdoor tiles face is efflorescence, which is when a white residue forms on tiles and grout due to environmental conditions. This is primarily an aesthetic issue, but can cause damage if left untreated. Outdoor tiles can be kept in good condition by being lightly hosed once a fortnight, and swept weekly, with dirt and debris removed with a garden blower.

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Pool Surrounds

Another tiled area that you should inspect before summer is your pool surrounds.Whether you have natural stone, tiles or pavers around your swimming pool, it is highly likely that silicone has been used in the grout joints. Silicone is commonly used in wet areas such as bathrooms and pool surrounds because it provides a tight water seal and structural movement without cracking. However, over time the silicone can begin to peel and the grout joints fail, due to the use of chlorine, general wear and tear, or failure of expansion joints which allows water to enter the grout. If you notice cracked, dirty or mouldy grout in your pool surrounds, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid costly water damage.

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Natural Stone Tiles

Finally, as a unique design feature of your home, your natural stone tiles deserve some attention before summer arrives. There are a wide range of natural stone tiles, including marble, slate, limestone, terrazzo and granite, all of which have different characteristics, stain resistance and densities. Make sure that you know what cleaning methods and products best suit your natural stone tiles, to ensure that you do not damage them by accident. Try and prevent the build-up of debris and algae on outdoor natural stone tiles, and regularly vacuum indoor natural stone tiles to remove dust and dirt.

At Tile Tech Solutions, we understand all your tile and grout problems and provide you with the best service to restore them to their best condition. Contact Us today to schedule a free on-site inspection and quote, or call us on 1300 304 004.