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5 Tile Maintenance Jobs Best Left to the Professionals

Tile Tech Blog Article: 5 Tile Maintenance Jobs Best Left to the Professionals

Tiles and grout need regular maintenance to stay looking their best. As a home or business owner, there are several easy ways that you can extend the life of your tiles, and restore both indoor and outdoor tiles to their original, shiny condition. However, there are certain times when it is better to call in the professionals to help you repair and maintain tiles and natural stone. At Tile Tech Solutions, we have been in the business of cleaning, sealing, repairing, restoring and protecting tiles for over forty years. Our reputation is built on quality and customer satisfaction; the combination of our years of experience, attention to detail, and ensuring we use the most advanced equipment and maintenance products available.

From tile repair to tile sealer stripping, here are 5 tile maintenance jobs which are best left to the professionals:

Tile Repair

One of the most common issues tiles have are being chipped, cracked or damaged. Tiles in high traffic areas are more likely to be damaged, along with older tiles which have been subjected to general wear and tear over the years since installation. Damaged tiles can have a negative effect on the appearance of your home or business, especially if they are a type not easily replaced. Tile repair is definitely a maintenance issue which should be left to a professional tile restoration company like Tile Tech Solutions. Some damaged tiles can be filled with a matching filler, while others may have to be completely removed and replaced. Different types of tiles, like natural stone varieties, will need to be repaired in different ways, while large format tiles will take more labour and skill to replace. It is also very important that all the old adhesive under the damaged tile is removed, to avoid future slippage or drummy tiles. Our team carry a large range of professional equipment for tile repair, and can also access rare tile types and sizes that you may not be able to source on your own.

Anti Slip Tile Treatment

As any business owner or strata manager knows, tiles can be notoriously slippery when wet and are one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace and home. Treating tiles with an anti slip tile treatment helps make tile floors safer and easier to walk on when wet, helping you protect your family, customers or tenants. Treating your tiles with Microcote, a solvent free urethane coating, will make them more durable, moisture resistant and easy to maintain. However, applying an anti slip tile treatment such as Microcote is not a DIY maintenance job. Proper preparation of the area is needed before application, and treatments should be applied by trained and approved technicians to ensure that a successful result is achieved. Tile Tech Solutions are an approved applicator of Microcote coatings, and have a wide range of cleaning options to ensure that your tiles are professionally prepared for treatment.


Over time, grout joints can crack, split, crumble and wear off, which can lead to a range of issues including heavy dirt deposits, efflorescence, drummy tiles and even leaking for tiles located in bathrooms or on balconies. It is important to deal with grout damage as soon as it begins to appear, as it could lead to serious costly damage in the future. Regrouting is a tile maintenance task which requires specific machinery and dust control equipment. Removing old grout manually will not give you professional, long lasting results, as it needs to be removed to a certain depth depending on the joint width. Furthermore, not all grout types are suitable for all joints. We carry a wide range of grouts to suit different applications, including wide joint grouts, flexible grouts, epoxy grouts and specialty grouts with efflorescence blockers. Our technicians also use high-quality diamond blades and machines, which are capable of removing grout at different depths, and in hard to reach areas.

Tile & Grout Sealing

Sealing your tiles and grout is one of the best ways to keep them clean and well maintained for years to come. A high-quality sealer will extend the life of your tiles, keep your grout clean, protect from mould, and minimise or eliminate permanent damage and staining. Not all sealers are the same or provide the same protection, which is why you should turn to a professional to make sure that your tiles are properly protected. The higher the quality of the sealer, the longer the life of your tiles, which is why attention to detail and product knowledge are so important. Your tiles and grout will also need to be properly prepared before the sealer is applied. At Tile Tech Solutions, we use world class quality sealers designed to penetrate much deeper into the tile and grout surface. Our sealers last for up to 15 years, and we always apply multiple coats to provide a high level of protection in every application. 

Tile Sealer Stripping

The final tile maintenance task which we recommend leaving to the professionals is the stripping of old tile sealer. This is required when an old sealer needs to be replaced, due to age, high traffic, acid damage, or regular wear and tear. Tile sealer stripping should only be undertaken by a professional tile technician, as it requires specialised chemicals and specific equipment. Sealer stripping is a time consuming and complex process, where the time required to strip an area of tiles varies depending on how many layers of sealer were originally applied. Some sealers are easier to strip back than others, and each will require a particular stripping agent and application method. It is also essential that all solutions used are rinsed under pressure before a new sealer is applied. Any mistakes during this stage of the process can cause permanent damage to your tiles and grout, which is why we suggest turning to a professional tile cleaning and sealing company to help you achieve the best possible result.

The team at Tile Tech Solutions aim to provide long-term solutions for all aspects of tile and natural stone care. We promise to deliver the best result possible for every single job, every single time. Over the years, we have serviced thousands of happy customers who still refer us to their family and friends.

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