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5 Must-Know Facts About Tile Repair

Tile Tech Blog Article: 5 Must-Know Facts About Tile Repair

At Tile Tech Solutions, we understand how frustrating damaged tiles can be. Chipped, cracked, loose or missing tiles can have a negative impact on the presentation of your home or business, as well as on its potential value if you have plans to sell in the future.

With decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers across Sydney, our team are tile and grout restoration experts, offering a range of professional maintenance services including tile repair, expansion joint replacement and efflorescence treatment.

This month, we offer 5 must-know facts about tile repair:

What are the common types of tile damage?

Some of the most common types of damage that your tiles may experience include being chipped, cracked or becoming ‘drummy’, meaning loose. Floor tiles, especially those located in high traffic areas of the home, can become chipped or cracked through an accident, or from general wear and tear over time. Small cracks known as ‘crazing’ can also sometimes appear in the surface of glazed tiles such as porcelain. These small cracks do not necessarily mean that the tile beneath has become cracked, but should be examined by an expert if you are concerned. Drummy tiles occur when there is movement or moisture beneath the tiles which causes them to become loose and crack upwards. In some cases, drummy tiles can be fixed through the application of tile adhesive, but if damaged they will need to be entirely replaced.

Do all damaged tiles need to be replaced?

Different types of tiles need to be repaired in different ways. Not all damaged tiles necessarily need to be replaced – for example, chips and cracks can be filled with a close or exact colour-matched filler, which is usually the case with natural stone tiles. However, other types of tiles may need to be completely removed and re-installed. The larger the tile, the more work will need to be done in order to replace it. Generally, thicker and large format tiles require more labour to replace. It is always a good idea to keep tiles left over from renovations or builds in case they need to be replaced in the future. This saves you having to track down the same make and size of tile years or even decades after the original installation.

What is the process of repairing a tile?

The basic process of repairing a tile involves either using filler to repair chips, cracks or scratches in the tile surface, or fully replacing the tile. It is very important that the old adhesive under the damaged tile is removed prior to installing the new tile. This will allow the new tiles to sit flush against the wall or floor surface and avoid any slippage. The replacement of a tile will also usually involve regrouting, using a grout which matches the existing grout as closely as possible.

Is tile repair a DIY job?

Depending on the damage, the majority of tile repairs are best undertaken by a professional. There is a significant possibility of damaging surrounding tiles during a DIY repair job, which creates a larger, costlier problem than the original repair. There are also the issues of sourcing and installing replacement grout and tiles, as well as having access to the correct tools and materials needed to undertake the repair. It is important to weigh up the advantages of hiring an expert to taking the DIY route, especially if you need the repair done quickly, or want to ensure that it will be a satisfactory and long lasting solution.

Why choose the tile repair service from Tile Tech Solutions?

 At Tile Tech Solutions, we carry a large variety of professional equipment and possess decades of expertise in tile repair. This means that we are able to replace very small to very large format tiles without damaging the surrounding ones. We also have access to rare tile types and sizes which can be difficult to source. If you are struggling to find a match for your tiles, give Tile Tech Solutions a try. You might be surprised as to how much we can access after decades in the industry.

We also carry a range of primers and adhesives to suit all kinds of tiles, including speciality adhesives for large format tiles and moisture sensitive adhesives for wet areas such as bathrooms, along with a wide selection of grouts to match the colour of your existing grout. Our aim is to ensure that no one will be able to tell that the tile was repaired or replaced (except for you, of course)!

If you have tiles in need of repair, please do not hesitate to contact the friendly team at Tile Tech Solutions. We are a 100% Australian family owned and operated company who are very passionate about what we do.

Contact Us today for a free quote and on-site inspection. Tile Tech Solutions cover tile repairs for all suburbs in Sydney.