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5 Common Tile Regrouting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Tile Tech Blog Article: 5 Common Tile Regrouting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The team at Tile Tech Solutions has been in the business of cleaning, sealing, repairing, restoring and protecting tiles, grout and natural stone throughout Sydney for over forty years. Our reputation is built on quality and customer satisfaction; the combination of decades of experience, attention to detail and using the most advanced equipment and products available.

One of our most popular professional services is tile regrouting, which involves removing the old grout line, cleaning the tiles and joints, and then installing fresh grout.

In our first blog post, we cover five common tile regrouting mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Only bathroom tiles need to be regrouted

One mistake people make when considering regrouting their home is to assume that only bathroom tiles require regrouting. In fact, various common areas can require regrouting including floors in high-traffic areas, kitchen splashback tiles, balconies, garage floors, pavers, patio areas, pool surrounds, and both internal and external walls. Grout damage can be caused by improper installation, the use of incorrect grout mixture and unsealed grout, which leads to stains, grout deterioration and the growth of mould and mildew between the tiles.

2.  Grout damage doesn’t need to be treated right away

It can be easy to spot a grout joint that has cracked, split, crumbled or worn away over time, and leave it as a job for another day. But it is essential to have these areas inspected as soon as grout damage begins to appear, regardless of how small an area is affected. Damaged grout can cause a variety of problems including leaking showers and balconies, drummy tiles, efflorescence deposits, waterproofing membrane damage, loose and lifted tiles, or heavy dirt deposits in the missing joints. Damaged grout can also cause leakages, which are expensive and complicated to repair.

3. All grouts are the same

Another common mistake people make when regrouting tiles is to assume that all grouts are the same, and that any grout is suitable for repairing grout damage. Grouts come in different types, including basic grouts such as sand and cement, flexible grouts, wide joint grouts, specialty grouts with efflorescence blockers, and various epoxy grouts for both domestic and commercial applications. Some companies also recommend using a skim coat, or installing new grout directly onto old grout, claiming that it is an easier, more cost-effective method. In reality, this is only a temporary fix, and this new grout can crack as soon as four weeks after installation.

4. Old grout can be removed manually

Another supposedly cost-effective and easy way to regrout tiles is to remove the old grout manually. Tile Tech Solutions does not recommend or use manual removal tools; in our experience, these tools cannot remove enough grout in order to fit the new grout in. Old grout is best removed using diamond blades and grout removing machines for a professional long-lasting result. In our work, our team carry a wide variety of high-quality diamond blades in different shapes and sizes, in order to remove grout in hard to reach areas and at different depths as the situation requires.

5. Regrouting is a DIY job

Finally, the most common mistake people make is believing that regrouting tiles is a DIY job. Regrouting tiles is time-consuming, and requires experience, precision and the correct machinery and dust control equipment. Old and damaged grout needs to be removed to a required depth, and the joints professionally cleaned before new grout can be installed. Furthermore, different types of grout and joint widths will require different depths. We recommend that you contact a professional service if you require tiles to be regrouted.

Trust Tile Tech Solutions to have a professional long-lasting solution to your grout problems. We only stock the highest quality grouts that come in a wide range of colours, manufactured by world leading companies. All our technicians are fully trained, and carry years of experience to ensure all your expectations are exceeded.

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