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5 Benefits of Hot Water High Pressure Cleaning for Tiles

5 benefits of hot water high pressure cleaning for tiles

As new types of tile and grout continue to emerge on the market, tile and grout cleaning methods have changed dramatically in the past few years. Regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping is often not sufficient to keep your tiles and grout in the best condition. Manual cleaning can be very tiring and time-consuming, and will not achieve the same results as a professional hot water high pressure clean.

When cleaning tiles, the use of the correct solutions, operating pressures and temperatures play a very important part. Not all types of tile and grout can be cleaned using the same chemicals or pressures. Specialised applicators and attachments are vital in order to provide a thorough clean in even the most hard to reach places.

From better cleaning results to a shorter drying time, here are 5 benefits of hot water high pressure cleaning for tiles:

Better Cleaning Results

This cleaning method offers the best results for tiles and grout. A high pressure clean can help remove stubborn grease and oil stains from tiles, as well as chewing gum, dirt and other stains. Hot water high pressure cleaning can also solve the problem of dirty grout lines. Grout joints are usually more porous than tiles, meaning that stains are absorbed much more deeply. However, the use of correct pressure when cleaning grout is essential, as pressures that are too high can cause permanent damage, and pressures that are too low may not achieve the best possible results. At Tile Tech Solutions, our technicians are trained to identify different types of grout and apply the correct solution along with a precise operating pressure, achieving premium results every time.

Minimal Use of Chemicals

High pressure cleaning offers a heavy duty clean at very high temperatures without the need for chemicals in most cases. This type of cleaning method can therefore be used in areas where chemicals must be minimal or non-existent. Should we need to use chemicals, Tile Tech Solutions only uses biodegradable products which are safe for drains, as well as your garden and lawns. Hot water high pressure cleaning is an environmentally friendly tile cleaning option, available for both domestic and commercial applications. High pressure cleaning is ideal for very greasy, sticky and oily situations where manual cleaning will not do an adequate job. The best way to dissolve grease stains quickly and easily from tiles is through being pressure washed. 

Shorter Drying Time

This cleaning method also has a shorter drying time, meaning that larger tiled areas can be cleaned more efficiently. Commercial areas such as carparks, restaurant kitchens and strata buildings can be cleaned and opened again for use in a much shorter amount of time. Hot water breaks down dirt and dissolves stains much more effectively than cold water, making a hot water high pressure clean the best option for businesses who need a high quality result fast. Our team will inspect all affected tiles and grout, apply suitable cleaning products and stain treatments if required, then pressure clean and extract all areas, a process which dries the tiles and extracts all the dirty water. Lastly, we inspect the area again, ensuring that our work will exceed your expectations. 

Improved Hygiene

If left unattended, mould can penetrate and grow in grout joints and beneath the surface of tiles, making your family or employees sick. Hot water high pressure cleaning can safely and effectively remove dirt, dust, mould, efflorescence, cobwebs, algae, tree sap, oil and pet stains from tiles and grout. Pressure cleaning your tiles will improve the hygiene of your home or business, restoring your tiles and grout to their former spotless condition. 

More Efficient Working Time

Finally, hot water high pressure cleaning can be achieved in a more efficient timeframe than other cleaning methods. Tile Tech Solutions carry custom built systems capable of producing hot water of up to 90 degrees at pressures of over 4000 psi. All our high performance pressure cleaning machines have adjustable settings, so we can set a specific pressure to suit your tiles and grout. All we require from you is a cold tap connection on site in order to achieve amazing results in a faster working time without damaging your tiles, pavers or grout. When our team undertakes a job, we ensure that it is treated as a priority, and done to our high standards. With our hot water high pressure cleaning service, you can relax knowing that we will care for your tiles as if they were our own.

At Tile Tech Solutions, we understand all your tile and grout problems, and provide you with the best domestic and commercial hot water cleaning solutions to restore your tiles to their best condition. Contact Us today for a free quote and on-site inspection, or give us a call on 1300 304 004. We cover all suburbs in Sydney.