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5 Benefits of Anti Slip Tiles

Tile Tech Blog Article: 5 Benefits of Anti Slip Tiles

One of the most common causes of injury in the workplace and strata buildings is slipping on wet floors. As a homeowner, business owner or strata manager, the team at Tile Tech Solutions knows that you want your floors to be safe and secure to walk on when wet to protect your family and clients. That is why we offer a high quality and long lasting anti slip tile treatment service to our customers across Sydney.

We are an approved applicator of Microcote coatings, a solvent free, low VOC, urethane coating which provides a minimum slip rating of P3. From versatility to durability, here are 5 benefits of having anti slip tiles treated with Microcote in your home or business:


As tiles and natural stone become increasingly popular in residential and commercial interior design, we find tiles being used in a variety of places and made from a range of materials. This can prove problematic when trying to find an anti slip solution to suit your requirements. Microcote can deliver a significantly less slippery surface on a wide range of tile types, including ceramic, glazed porcelain, and natural stone tiles, thanks to its high quality additives. This treatment can also be applied to a range of areas, including warehouses, strata buildings, airports, carparks, ramps, stairs, commercial kitchens and medical buildings.


Another benefit of choosing Microcote is its fast curing time. The additives used in this particular coating can reduce the usual curing time by up to 50%, meaning that your treated surfaces can be in use again much more rapidly, saving you stress and time. With Microcote, foot traffic can begin in as little as 5-6 hours after application. Please keep in mind that professional preparation of the surface and application of the coating is needed for a satisfactory and longer lasting result. At Tile Tech Solutions, our team are experts at cleaning and preparing your tiles for the anti slip treatment in both domestic and commercial situations.


Treating your tiles with an anti slip coating such as Microcote will also extend the life of your tiles by protecting them from damage and general wear and tear. Microcote is an extremely hard wearing anti slip coating, suitable for high traffic areas in a range of locations from the service, food and medical industries to industrial buildings and transport hubs as well as in the home. 


Microcote also provides an inherent chemical resistance with moisture barrier properties to your tiles. This product allows moisture vapour to escape from the surface of the tiles while preventing the surface from becoming dangerously slippery when wet. The moisture barrier works on horizontal, vertical and inclined tiled areas such as access ramps and stairs, meaning that wherever you have tiled surfaces you can be secure in the knowledge that they are safe to use.


A final benefit of applying an anti slip treatment to the tiles in your home or business is that it is a low maintenance investment. Once treated with Microcote, your tiles will be sealed from moisture and minor damage, and will be easy to clean and maintain. Microcote is also available in satin, matte and gloss finishes, meaning that it has the ability to stick to a wide range of surfaces including tiles, stone, concrete, vinyl and grout.

At Tile Tech Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing a range of professional tile and grout restoration services for our customers, including high pressure cleaning, sealing, epoxy grouting and anti slip treatments.

We promise to deliver the best result possible for every single job, every single time. Contact Us today for a free on-site inspection, consultation and quote BEFORE someone slips!